Consulting and Assis­tance for refugees from Ukraine

Bingen UAS strongly condemns the military aggression against Ukraine, which is in breach of international law and the fundamental values to which the university subscribes. On behalf of the researchers, students and staff of Bingen UAS, the Presiding Committee of the University expresses its deep consternation and concern about the dramatic situation in Ukraine as a result of the Russian attack. 

This page is under construction and will be updated regularly.

Appli­cation at Bingen UAS

  • Students and prospective students from Ukraine are welcome at Bingen UAS.
  • Intensive work is being done on offering study opportunities for Ukrainians.

Please apply online here. Please note that for studying in Germany you need an university entrance qualification (adequacy will be checked indivdually), a valid health insurance and you have to pay the semester fee. Furthermore, language skills in German and/or English are required to participate sucessfully. 

Starting winter semester 2022, we will offer the following Master's degree programmes in English:

Support options

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has launched a multilingual portal with information on support options for Ukrainian war refugees: Startseite 

General and further information regarding your stay and studying in Germany are available on the website of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and National Academic Contact Point Ukraine:

Language skills

In most cases, the language of instruction is German. Some lectures are held in English. Therefore, good German and English language skills are required for successful study. We recommend language skills according to the European reference frame level B2/C1 or similar certificates (for example Cambridge, TOEFL).

German language classes



Mastering the German language is essential for the success of your studies. The acquisition of these language skills does not end with passing the DSH or TestDaF exam. Rather, it should be continued throughout your studies. Good language skills will make your studies at Bingen UAS all the easier. Bingen UAS recommends the language courses offered by the Volkshochschule Bingen.

Please note: Bingen UAS does not offer DSH preparation courses or exams for applicants!

Living in Bingen

Bingen is an ideal place for students to live. The cost of renting a flat is moderate, and the quality of life in this lovely city on the Rhine is high. We would be happy to assist you if you are in need of accommodations, and will send you information as soon as we receive your application.

Registered students have access to our housing portal on the intranet. With this, Bingen UAS supports students in their search for a place to stay. 

Any questions? Please, contact us.

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