Networked around the world

Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences focuses on international exchange, most recently welcoming two Chinese delegations to Bingen. The delegation, which included professors and instructors from Hubei University of Arts and Science and China West Normal University, was interested to learn about dual courses, among other things.

Bingen UAS has extensive know-how in this area. We currently have around 400 students in eight dual courses here, working at their companies from Monday to Thursday, and attending lectures at weekends to acquire their specialised knowledge. University President Professor Klaus Becker emphasises that dual study requires a high degree of discipline. But the advantages predominate: an intensive practical approach with company structures, excellent career opportunities, the acquisition of key qualifications, and earning a salary while studying.

After the presentation, the delegations headed to our applied research laboratories, where Bingen UAS representatives presented current projects from the field of biotechnology and the vehicle lab to them. Not only the dual courses have intensive practical relevance here at the university.

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