Studying with prospects for the future

Study at Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences and become an expert in one of our technical-scientific courses. If you would like your studies to be practical and based on solid foundations, you have come to the right place.

We offer a wide variety of different study models: in addition to full-time studies, many degree courses offer dual study with in-depth practical experience, parallel to training or parallel to your career.

For our exchange students, we offer an English-speaking semester on the topics of sustainability and renewable resources. Our interdisciplinary Study Semester “Renewable Resources” takes place during the summer semester.

Exchange students are also welcome to participate in our degree courses:


  • Agronomy (A, V)
  • Applied Bioinformatics (P, V)
  • Biotechnology (P, V)
  • Energy- and Process Engineering(P, V)
  • Electrical Engineering (V)
  • Computer Science (T, V)
  • Climate Protection and Adaptation (P, V)
  • Mechanical Engineering (V)
  • Mechanical Engineering – Industrial Engineering (A, B)
  • Process Engineering (A, B)
  • Renewable Energy Management and Building Service Engineering (A, P, V)
  • Smart Systems Engineering (V)
  • Environmental Protection (P, V)
  • Viticulture and Oenology  (A)
  • Industrial Engineering (V)


  • Energy, Facilities and Environment Management (V)
  • Electrical Engineering (V)
  • Computer Science (V)
  • Agriculture and Environment (V)
  • Mechanical Engineering (V)
  • Industrial Engineering (V)
  • Energy Operations Management (W)
  • Process Engineering (W)
  • Environmental Sustainability (V; starting in winter 2022, more information coming soon)


A: vocational-training integrated study 
B: job-integrated study
P: traineeship-incorporated
T: part-time study
V: regular full-time study
W: job-integrated Master

Please note: Our regular lectures are held almost exclusively in German. For exchange students who would like to participate, a minimum of B1 knowledge of German is required. (Please note: Different requirements apply to students who complete an entire degree course with us with the intention of obtaining a degree).

For more detailed information have a look at our study program leaflet. Get an overview now and find the course that suits you best.

Excel­lence in teaching

Good teaching is a tradition that goes back 120 years at Bingen UAS. The condensed campus helps teachers exchange experiences, and interdisciplinarity and practical teaching were already part of the philosophy of Hermann Hoepke, founder of Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences. Bingen UAS is committed to its founder’s DNA. This results in strong university didactics that shape your practical studies.

Student at the microscopy lab

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