Spending a semester abroad in Bingen

We are very pleased to welcome increasing numbers of exchange and programme students from our many partner universities all over the world to Bingen.

Good and individual support is very important to us, ensuring students are able to get off to a great start and study successfully in Bingen and the Middle Rhine region.

For our exchange students, we offer an English-speaking semester on the topics of sustainability and renewable resources. Our interdisciplinary Study Semester “Renewable Resources” takes place during the summer semester.

We also offer some English Short Term Projects. Projects currently offered can be found here.

To apply for a Short Term Project, please hand in your current CV, a motivation letter telling us why you are considering this project for your studies, as well as your Transcript of Records (TOR) for the application process.The responsible professors will be selecting the international students, but enrollment and other administrative processes will be managed by the International Office. Please contact us at incoming[at]th-bingen.de to find out more about our Short Term Projects.

Our regular lectures are held almost exclusively in German. For exchange students who would like to participate, a minimum of B1 knowledge of German is required. (Please note: Different requirements apply to students who complete an entire degree course with us with the intention of obtaining a degree).

How to apply

Anyone wishing to spend an exchange semester or year with us through a university partnership between their own university and Bingen UAS must first apply to their home university and be selected.

The information on this page is intended for those students who would like to take part in our regular (German-speaking) courses during their exchange stay.

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Appli­cation process

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1. Complete the appli­cation form

There are three different application forms, so please ensure you are using the correct one.

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2. Prepare your appli­cation documents

In addition to a Learning Agreement and other documents, these documents also include proof of German language proficiency at a minimum level of B1. A complete list of the necessary documents can be found on the respective application form.

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3. Submit your appli­cation in full before the deadline

Send the completed application form and all required supporting documents and proof by e-mail to international[at]th-bingen.de.

For the summer semester the application deadline is December 1, and for the winter semester it is June 1.

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4. What now?

Your application will now be reviewed. If all requirements for an exchange stay at Bingen UAS are fulfilled, we will send you a Letter of Admission with further information.

Choosing classes

It is advisable for you to obtain an overview of the lectures and classes offered as early as possible. At the latest when applying, a Learning Agreement must be drawn up in coordination with the responsible persons at your home university, listing which lectures you would like to attend here in Bingen.

Generally, all classes are open to exchange students, including classes from other degree courses.

Unfortunately, Bingen UAS does not have a central lecture directory. Possible lectures can be found in the module guides of the individual degree courses. These guides can be found on the pages of the degree courses under “Dokumente”.

When selecting classes, please check whether they are offered in the semester of your stay at Bingen UAS. Most modules take place either in the summer or in the winter semester. You will find this information as well as detailed information on the number of ECTS, weekly semester hours, module contents and type of examination in the module guide.

Any questions? Please, contact us.

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