Study Semester Renewable Resources

Our Study Semester Renewable Resources is a one-semester intensive course covering different aspects of sustainability within and beyond the field of environmental sciences.

Taught exclusively in English, our lectures and workshops cover the latest scientific findings on renewable energy and materials, sustainable agriculture as well as climate change. Economic, legal and technological aspects complete the picture. Hands-on experiences along with field trips make the acquired theory tangible.

The programme’s interdisciplinary approach to sustainability research combined with the topicality of the issue attracts strong interest from students – from a variety of academic backgrounds.

30 ECTS credits are awarded for the successful completion of the Study Semester programme. Please note that the Study Semester Renewable Resources is not a degree programme.

Study Semester Renewable Resources 2018: 12th March to 20th July 2018
Extended application deadline: 8th January 2018

Apply now for our Study Semester Programme!

Please submit your application by e-mail or post to:

Technische Hochschule Bingen
International Office
Berlinstraße 109
55411 Bingen


You can apply to parti­cipate in our Study Semester if you...

... are a student at one of our partner universities (or at TH Bingen),
... are interested in the subject area,
... have English language skills at B1 level or higher,
... are an advanced Bachelor or Master student,
... are curious about living in a foreign country, meeting new people from various nations and like being challenged academically in a small and culturally diverse class - then we would love you to apply for our Study Semester "Renewable Resources"!

If you are unsure whether you are qualified, or if you do not meet some of the requirements but would still like to participate, please contact us directly.


Academic Programme

Nine classes account for a total of 30 ECTS credits in this modularised programme:

Engineering, Energy & Climate

  • Renewable Materials (4.5 ECTS credits)
  • Air Resources (4.5 ECTS credits)
  • Renewable Energy (3 ECTS credits)
  • Climate Change: Environmental Impacts (3 ECTS credits)
  • Sustainable Agriculture (3 ECTS credits)

Economics, Marketing, Law & Humanities

  • Sustainable Business Administration and Simulation (3 ECTS credits)
  • Sales and Marketing Aspects (3 ECTS credits)
  • European Environmental Law and Politics (3 ECTS credits)
  • English for Engineers (3 ECTS credits)

Participating students take all nine modules - it is generally not possible to opt out of some of the classes.

"I would like to say big thank you to Vanessa and Christian for all the help in every day life. All the excursions and off class activities were great and interesting. Even though I felt like it's not completely related to my studies I felt like I'm spending my time right!"

– Tomas from Lithuania |  Study Semester 2014

Fees and Costs

No tuition fees are charged for participation in the Study Semester Renewable Resources. Students must, however, contribute towards the cost of the excursions along with expenses for social services and students' union and will be asked to pay a total of 399 € upon being accepted into the programme.

Semester Fee (199 €)
The social services and students' union fee of currently 199 € is paid by every TH Bingen student every semester - it is a prerequisite for registration. This also includes the SemesterTicket that allows the free use of public transport in the region.  

Study Semester Fee (200 €)
The additional fee of 200 € covers the cost of excursions (e.g. trip to Brussels) that are part of the Study Semester programme.

Cost of living
You can find valuable information on what to expect in terms of cost of living in Germany as a student on the DAAD's "Study in Germany" site.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any questions concerning our Study Semester programme please do not hesitate to contact us!

Vanessa Dinter
Vanessa Dinter
T. +49 6721 409 242
F. +49 6721 409 393
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