Cooperation with China – in our own region

Chinese investors are planning an educational institution to be located in Rhein-Selz-Park in Nierstein. Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and delegate Xu Zifa signed a joint memorandum on Friday. Bingen UAS could support the planned educational institution, for example, with continuing education measures in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Moreover, the university could provide support in the form of technical expertise for the further set-up of the educational institution and make recommendations for its development.

This project offers Bingen UAS interesting potential for international networking at a location within our own region. This cooperation makes sense not least because the university has been cultivating extensive contacts with China for a long time and is looking to expand. Bingen UAS is a member of the German University Consortium for International Cooperation (DHIK) and already has a partnership with Tongji University in Shanghai through this consortium.

As part of further cooperation endeavours, the President of Bingen UAS, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Becker, recently visited Tianmen with representatives from the city of Bingen. Chancellor Dr. Ulrich Müller will travel to Nanchang in the near future. The aim is for both sides to benefit from this cooperation, with the financial responsibility resting with the investor. Bingen UAS views itself as a partner in a position to offer a concrete portfolio of academic support for the project under certain conditions.

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