Our standards and our vision

Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences has a tradition as an educational institution for technical and natural sciences subjects stretching back over more than a hundred years.

We oversee about 2,700 students. Our goal is high-quality, practical and personal education in the fields of natural sciences and technology. We are committed to fulfilling national and international standards.

For more information take a look at our annual report.

Downtown building of TH Bingen

Organisation and structure of Bingen UAS

The responsibility for Bingen UAS rests on many shoulders, including university executives, our two departments, different committees and representatives, and the student parliament (StuPa) and students committee (AStA). Their common goal is to prepare students for professional and social challenges. We want our teaching and research to improve people's living and working conditions, conserve our natural resources and the environment, and sustainably develop technical innovations.

The President of Bingen UAS, Prof. Dr. Antje Krause, represents the interests of the university to the outside. 

Bingen UAS employs over 200 people, including 70 professors and numerous staff members. 

At the Hermann Hoepke Institute (HHI), we network the research activities of our departments, making a contribution to technology transfer in business, science and politics.

Department 1: Life Sciences and Engineering

The teaching and research focus of Department 1 is biological and natural sciences. In some subjects, bachelor’s and master’s degrees can also be taken as a dual degree course or integrated in your job. We focus on maximum practical relevance, which is also ensured by the research and development facilities of the department, including St. Wendelinshof, the greenhouse and our research laboratories.

Department 2: Engineering, Infor­mation Technology and Economics

Department 2 comprises the traditional engineering disciplines and information technology courses. In many subjects, a bachelor’s degree is also available with job integration or as a dual course.