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In this world of globalised structures, relevant research and good teaching thrive on international exchange. We are committed to this culture, which is why we encourage students to look beyond the boundaries of the lecture hall to gain knowledge and experience abroad.

People from all over the world study and teach here at Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences. We foster an active exchange of lecturers and students with our international partner universities. In addition, we are involved in applied research projects, including in developing countries, especially those in Africa. We also offer our students the possibility of international double degrees in cooperation with Tongji University (China) and Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico).

This page will give you a first impression of the international profile of Bingen UAS. Our team at the International Office is happy to answer any further questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

“At Bingen UAS, internationality is a part of everyday life. People from over 40 countries teach and study here at our university.”

- Prof. Dr. Antje Krause  | 


Inter­na­tional impres­sions

Study in Bingen and discover the world: Below are some impressions of the international life of our students and faculty members. In addition, this section contains the latest news about our international work here at the university.

Language Centre

Norwegian geology professor visits TH Bingen

Prof. Dr. Matthias Paetzel is actually a professor at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Since 2006, however, he has been travelling to Germany every year at the beginning of November for a few days to teach Binger students in the soil science module.
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International Lunch Break

Moroccan delicacies

The Moroccan students of the Study Semester treated their fellow students to delicious traditional dishes from North Africa.
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Among friends

Networked around the world

Strong interest in dual courses
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Chinese-German double degree

The double degree of the future

Students from Bingen in Shanghai, Chinese students in Bingen: Bingen UAS welcomed guests from the German-Chinese study program CDHAW with the aim of further developing the degree.
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Networked around the world

Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences maintains cooperative relationships with more than 50 universities worldwide. Students can study with simplified admission requirements and free of charge, lecturers can give guest lectures and university staff can arrange stays for training or exchanging experiences.

Erasmus+ Programme

The European Commission’s grant programme is Erasmus+. Studying and teaching abroad in Europe? In exchanges with our more than 40 Erasmus+ partner universities, it is easy for students, teachers and staff to gain valuable experience throughout Europe. Erasmus+ (which runs from 2021-2027) is the European Union’s programme for education, youth and sport. Erasmus has supported more than three million students across Europe since 1987, making it the most significant and best-known mobility programme.

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The current generation of the Erasmus+ programme also offers support to students for a stay abroad to study at an Erasmus+ partner university or for an internship in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. For (teaching) staff, funding is available for short-term lectureships and continuing education stays.


Erasmus+ at Bingen UAS

The programme countries included in the Erasmus+ programme are all EU member states, plus the FYR of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. Bingen UAS maintains partnerships with universities in many of these countries, which makes it possible to study or to spend time at these institutions for teaching or continuing education. Internships or continuing education measures are possible in all programme countries. In addition, as part of Erasmus+ mobility with partner countries, funding can also be applied for at present with Erasmus+ for our partner university in Morocco, Université Cadi Ayyad.

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Our students, teachers and staff can find detailed information on the implementation of these two programme areas (programme countries/partner countries) at Bingen UAS as well as factsheets, checklists and forms on the pages of the International Office in the Intranet (in German only).

To be able to study as an Erasmus+ student at Bingen UAS, your home university must have signed a cooperation agreement with us. After you have been successfully selected by your university, please complete the Erasmus+ application form by the following deadlines: June 1 of each year for the winter semester (March until August) and December 1 of each year for the summer semester (September until February). Please send your completed application and all documents to the International Office at: incoming[at]

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Map of Europe
Exchange student in Finland

Inter­na­tional exchange

Every year, the International Office of Bingen UAS supports students planning a stay or an internship abroad, and oversees students from all around the world who have come to Bingen for a semester abroad or full-time studies.

The English-language offerings of Bingen UAS are currently under construction and will be expanded in the near future. 

International exchange involves numerous opportunities for students: learning new languages, experiencing foreign cultures, professional enrichment through new learning concepts, and increased prospects on national and global job markets. International experience is in demand everywhere, and plays an important role in the development of young students by broadening their horizons and enabling their independence. Plan well in advance and make use of the numerous advisory and support services offered by the International Office, promoting our international focus in both directions, coming to Bingen and going abroad.

Application InCampo

Inter­na­tional education consortia

By partnering with other Universities of Applied Sciences to form consortia, Bingen UAS is able to provide excellent academic services of the highest international standard, remaining competitive with what larger Universities have to offer.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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