Excel­lence in teaching

Good teaching is a tradition that goes back 120 years at Bingen UAS. The condensed campus helps teachers exchange experiences, and interdisciplinarity and practical teaching were already part of the philosophy of Hermann Hoepke, founder of Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences. Bingen UAS is committed to its founder’s DNA. This results in strong university didactics that shape your practical studies.

Our professor’s teachings are often supported by international teaching staff. The EARSMUS + program enables the professors of our partner universities from about 50 countries to participate in “Staff Mobilities for Teaching”. Within the framework of this program, UAS Bingen is able to receive international professors every semester and our students thus gain an insight into teaching from abroad, broaden their horizons and further develop their intercultural skills.

We are always happy to welcome international professors here in Bingen.

Bingen Technical University is also happy to host staff from our partner universities who would like to participate in “Staff Mobilies for Training”.


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