Studying with prospects for the future

Study at Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences and become an expert in one of our technical-scientific courses. If you would like your studies to be practical and based on solid foundations, you have come to the right place.

We offer a wide variety of different study models: in addition to full-time studies, many degree courses offer dual study with in-depth practical experience, parallel to training or parallel to your career.

For our exchange students, we offer an English-speaking semester on the topics of sustainability and renewable resources. Our interdisciplinary Study Semester “Renewable Resources” takes place during the summer semester.

Our degree courses:


  • Agronomy (V, FT)
  • Applied Bioinformatics (T, FT)
  • Biotechnology (T, FT)
  • Energy- and Process Engineering(T, FT)
  • Electrical Engineering (FT)
  • Computer Science (PT, FT)
  • Climate Protection and Adaptation (T, FT)
  • Mechanical Engineering (FT)
  • Mechanical Engineering – Industrial Engineering (V, J)
  • Process Engineering (V, J)
  • Renewable Energy Management and Building Service Engineering (V, T, FT)
  • Smart Systems Engineering (FT)
  • Environmental Protection (T, FT)
  • Viticulture and Oenology  (V)
  • Industrial Engineering (FT)


  • Energy, Facilities and Environment Management (FT)
  • Electrical Engineering (FT)
  • Computer Science (FT; taught in English, starting in winter 2022)
  • Agriculture and Environment (FT)
  • Mechanical Engineering (FT)
  • Industrial Engineering (FT)
  • Energy Operations Management (JM)
  • Process Engineering (JM)
  • Environmental Sustainability (FT; taught in English, starting in winter 2022)
  • Sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems (FT; taught in English, coming coon)


V: vocational-training integrated study 
J: job-integrated study
T: traineeship-incorporated
PT: part-time study
FT: full-time study
JM: job-integrated Master

Please note that most classes in our degree courses are taught in German. Classes taught in English can be found here. For exchange students who wish to participate, a minimum of B1 proficiency in German is required, provided this is covered in the Inter-Institutional Agreement and our Departments do not require other prerequisites (Please note: Other requirements apply to students who complete a full course of study with us and are pursuing a degree).

For more detaileed information have a look at our study program leaflet. Get an overview now and find the course that suits you best.

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Johanna Scarongella M.A.

Johanna Scarongella M.A. (Saj)


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